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The Ottawa Regional Heritage Fair is Celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2022!

The Ottawa Regional Heritage Fair is Celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2022!

Since its establishment in 2002, the Ottawa Regional Heritage Fair has given more than 5,500 students in the Ottawa region the opportunity to explore Canadian history and to share their research with the community.

In 2022, the Fair will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. To highlight this important milestone, we will be holding the 2022 Ottawa Regional Heritage Fair on Wednesday, April 20, 2022 at the Canadian Museum of History. Save this date in your calendar as of now!

We will be sending more information to teachers by email and follow us as well on Facebook for more information.

We hope that you can join us in celebrating our students and our rich and diverse heritage.

What is the Ottawa Regional Heritage Fair?

The Ottawa Regional Heritage Fair (ORHF) is a bilingual non-profit organization dedicated to the history education of Canada’s young people. The fair is run entirely by volunteers. The ORHF works in partnership with educators, its partners, and volunteers, and with historical and heritage communities to host a bilingual fair that brings together youth from across the Ottawa Region. The fair engages students from three school boards across the Ottawa area, indigenous communities, and homeschoolers in the exploration of their local, regional, and national history, heritage, and culture. The ORHF is an educational initiative that encourages students from grades four to ten to explore an aspect of Canadian history and heritage in a dynamic and captivating learning environment. Teachers can use the Fair program to help meet their curriculum objectives.

How do they work?

On an annual basis, the ORHF hosts a one day bilingual exhibition showcasing history and heritage themed projects researched by students from grades 4-10. Students use the medium of their choice to share their learning about Canadian heroes and legends, milestones and achievements. The projects are adjudicated by volunteer judges and student excellence is recognized through a variety of community–based awards. This celebration which can involve up to 300 students, also includes cultural entertainment and educational workshops.