Project Formats

In what formats can students submit their projects?

The Ottawa Regional Heritage Fair Committee wants students who are participating in the Fair to have the opportunity to create a project in a format that they are familiar with at school or at home. 

Projects for the Fair will be accepted in the following formats:

Free standing project with presentation board

  • The project must be free standing (no wall access). A commercially produced display board is the correct size format (80cm deep, 150cm wide and 100cm high). Students may add to their display by expanding upward and forward as long as it is free standing.
  • Include a title, student names and school, credits, written summary and bibliography.
  • Ensure that photographs are properly credited.
  • The student can include a computer-generated presentation (PowerPoint, video) to accompany their project. WiFi will be available on the day of the Fair but since there may be a large number of students accessing WiFi, it is preferable that the presentation is not dependent on an Internet connection. A power bar will be provided by the venue.
  • Students are asked to bring a tablecloth to place on their table. 
  • A label will be provided to the students on the day of the fair with the student’s name, school and project number. This label must be placed on the upper right-hand corner of the display.


Video or handheld device

  • The video should be no longer than 5 minutes in length. Note: The file size for your completed video should be between 100 and 300 MB ( .mov, .mp4 or .avi file format) . We recommend that you watch the videos created by previous participants to the Young Citizens program to get a better idea of what your video might look like. To do so, please visit Young Citizens and Jeunes Citoyens.


Slide Presentation (Google Slides or PowerPoint)

  • Embedded videos and images are encouraged but please remember that judges will only have 10 minutes to review the project.


PDF Presentations with photos and narrative context

  • Please remember that judges will only have 10 minutes to review the project.